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You know, the guy who never has a job nor gets any cash from home and yet somehow manages to afford tuition and books?

Thank you.) Everyone knows one of these guys in college.

Once a month the ladies at my church get together to learn something new, swap tips, chat and do some community service. Once finished, you get paid and free to lather, rinse, repeat twice a week for as long as you keep passing the tests. Most places seem to pay 30-40$ a visit, not bad if you figure it by the hour.

A recent theme was on living frugally (with everyone bringing clothing donations for a local charity) and one of the suggestions, sandwiched between “use coupons” and “budget with cash” was “sell plasma.” I almost fell off my chair. I mean, why am I paying good money for a gym membership and organic produce if I’m going to let someone suck my life juices out of me for a pint? *I love how everyone calls it “donating” plasma as if you are just doing it out of the kindness of your little blood-pumping heart. Added bonus – you are “donating” a vital fluid to be used for someone who has a life-threatening medical need for it.

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In the latter case, please keep it so you can show me when I have recovered and we can both laugh about it.

Just trying to explain if I’m late replying to your comments/messages or if I get delirious and send you something really wacky.

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For me, it was my friend nicknamed – via the misguided use of voice recognition software – Barrel of Carrots. ” I puzzled as we made exactly one trip to his car. ” Giving me his characteristic grin, he answered, “I sell my plasma. Easiest money ever.” That was the first time I’d heard of selling your plasma – the yellow liquidy part of your blood packed with antibodies, protiens and other goodies – for money. ” I asked incredulously, thinking perhaps she just has a vampiric interest in getting poked. “LOVE money.” My friend, being generally not crazy (unless you count her inexplicable fondness for country music), made me think that maybe I’m just being closed minded. First you find a center near you and there are plenty of helpful internet listings to help you do so.