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Data from the Ju/’hoan hunter-gatherers of southern Africa show major differences between day and night talk.

Here he is, making the case that he is, just like the rest of us, a mere mortal. Or, if you want, you can just scroll down to end of this post, where you’ll find it embedded.] Our first truly human guest was Zingerman’s co-fouder Paul Saginaw.

For those of you aren’t familiar with Zip Cap, it’s a startup that helps small, independent retail businesses secure favorable credit terms from lenders by helping them to demonstrate that they have strong community support, and are therefore represent relatively safe investments.

In Bee’s case, she was hoping to have 100 people sign up through Zip Cap, pledging to spend 5 a year at Beezy’s, thereby demonstrating to lenders that a revenue stream existed which could then be borrowed against…

Kung) Bushmen of southern Africa, supplemented by 68 translated texts, suggests that day talk centers on economic matters and gossip to regulate social relations.

Night activities steer away from tensions of the day to singing, dancing, religious ceremonies, and enthralling stories, often about known people.