Are demi lovato and trace cyrus dating

Earlier this year, when the costars decided to test the romantic possibilities of their rock-solid friendship, they felt compelled to do so in public; when they broke up just a few months later, Joe announced it by issuing a statement, and Demi—always true to her loyal fans—decided to confirm the details on Twitter. "I kind of learned throughout this whole experience that having my private life public isn't as awesome as it might seem," the seventeen-year-old says with a rueful little laugh. As he was raised in the musical background, he also began his interest in music.While he was in his school days, he also used to perform in various school shows.

Though Baxter Neal Helson was his biological father he was completely raised by Billy Ray Cyrus. In 2009, he was romantically linked with Demi Lovato.And it’s not the first time Jonas has ended things that way: back in November 2008, his ex Taylor Swift admitted he dumped her during a “27 second” phone call a month before.Lovato, 17, met Jonas, 20, in 2007 on the set of Disney channel series Camp Rock.“She’s a strong girl,” the source says, adding that the breakup isn’t “necessarily” forever.“They are so young…I wouldn’t count them out yet.” [From Us Weekly] Why is Joe Jonas the bee’s knees, by the way?