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In 1989, he became a regular reporter on the BBC Radio 4 programme Today, filing reports from across Europe.While working for Today, he published two comic novels set amidst the modern Church of England, including Forget Heaven, Just Kiss Me (1992) and The Whole World in My Hands (1993).(He won the same award in 2005.) His 2010 election interview with Gordon Brown, where the Prime Minister put his head in his hands as he was played the recording of him calling a voter a bigot, won Vine the Sony Award for Interview of the Year.Vine's career at the BBC included reading the news on radio in Northern Ireland and working as a researcher on the BBC1 series Heart of the Matter.Think about it — cheeks are a part of the face, too!

Emily Osment is one of the hottest women in movies and on TV.Also like Wonder Woman, you have a ton of unused capacity within yourself, and you have yet to use it to your own advantage.In fact, you're probably not even sure quite what you’re totally capable of yet.The Flash is the fastest man on Earth, and as such, has problems settling down, even just for a little bit.Like the Flash, you like to experience a little change and variety in your life.