Consolidating graduate school student loans

Even if you have only one defaulted student loan, you may obtain a Direct Consolidation Loan to resolve the default.

Public and private loan programs serve vital roles for university, community college, and graduate school students, but repayment is a condition of borrowing.

The automatic payment discount may not change your monthly payment amount depending on the type of loan you receive, but may reduce the number of payments or reduce the amount of your final payment.

Learn more about how to take advantage of both student loan discounts. The lifetime limit for this loan combined with all other education-related debt is 0,000.

A Graduate School Loans Federal Loan Consolidation will give you a fixed interest rate and single monthly payment.

This means you will only have one payment each month that will take care of all your federal student loans from undergraduate and graduate school at a great low rate.

Consolidating graduate school student loans