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Because this is a vast project, this lesson uses just a few artistic examples per theme, and offers them in relation to subjects likely to have come up in past lessons, in order to engage students in critical thinking rather than attempt a historical narrative.Themes: Chronologically, “disability studies” emerged in the mid-to-late 1980s, and “body art” was established as a category of contemporary art in the 1970s, but disabled bodies occur in art dating to at least the 1 century CE.This lesson includes artwork from across stylistic and historical periods in order to demonstrate the ways in which disability is historically and culturally contingent.

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This class will look at examples of the disabled human body as it has been represented in art history. How is the body used and represented in visual culture?

Wood, of Lower Innox, Frome, Somerset, pleaded guilty to the charge of voyeurism - that he recorded another person doing a private act with the intention of obtaining sexual gratification from it.

The court heard that Wood, who has learning difficulties, was detained by police on December 28, following the incident in the changing rooms at Splashdown.