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Through a randomized survey, we asked men and women about the timing at which they feel comfortable moving forward with various relationship milestones such as vacationing as a couple for the first time, moving in together, and having children.

Read on to learn more about the surprising insights that our study uncovered.

When online dating started gaining widespread attention a decade ago, many people considered it creepy.

But after the exponential growth of dating websites such as Match and Ok Cupid, online dating has become a mainstream activity.

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college student graduates with more than ,000 in student loan debt.John Cacioppo, a psychologist at the University of Chicago in Illinois, wondered how online dating has changed American family life.Enough time has passed that millions of Americans who first met online are now married, a population large enough for traditional psychological survey techniques.The response: Six in 10 said they were not currently dating seriously and the rest - 41 per cent, or two in five - said they had never dated seriously before.This means singles are likely to take longer to find a life partner and delay marriage and childbearing, with national implications on marriage and birth rates.