Dating with confidence

The good news is that everyone feels this way at some point in time.

Whether you’re just beginning to date for the first time or are re-emerging from a break in the dating scene, one thing remains the same no matter how much the landscape changes: confidence is the key to dating.

Online dating is something that more and more of us are using in a bid to meet our perfect match but, for many of us, moving from sitting in front of our screens to sitting in front of an actual person can feel daunting.

Acting confidently by smiling, having an open body posture, making eye contact, asking questions and being interested in your date will make you appear confident.

It won’t take long before feeling confident becomes second nature.

This had the effect of making the men much less anxious about the interaction (actually about half as nervous as judged by independent observers) and consequently much warmer." (Psy Blog)Use the free relaxation session later in this auticle to imagine things going really well on your date to boost your social confidence and enjoyment. We might like to think appearances shouldn't matter, but how we dress and present ourselves sends inevitable signals to others. We all look better after moderate exercise too, the skin looks glowing and the eyes sparkling.

Invest in a massage or other beauty treatments before the date (not just for the date but because doing this will make you feel good anyway). Having talked about grooming and suggested pre-dating exercise, I want you to stop worrying too much about the way you look.

Even the most perfect potential mate out there may not be recognized on the first date.

It may take a time to discover that you've become friends.