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He conducted a special purification for his house in that the materials had been purchased from a Chinese kafir.

He then dressed in the white robes of an alim and began preaching to his neighbours about hellfire.

When such (national) linguistic or regional-political borders have been surmounted, it is possible to speak of transnational communication.

Here, transnational is to be distinguished from international, for the communication not only crosses the borders between states and institutions, but also between groups and individuals as well as actors who cannot be accurately classified according to a linguistically or regionally and politically defined concept of nationalism.

His friend Andy created the Formula "Haste Geld - haste Autos - haste Frauen" as a way to success.

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Beginning with local dissemination by means of word-of-mouth information from person to person about events near and far, the news made its way via random lines of communication and sporadically organized messenger routes or permanently institutionalized postal networks.

The increasing regularity and frequency of news reporting, as well as its growing public nature, are especially notable features of its development.

As a specific form of information, it is circulated and consumed in a variety of ways – verbally (in oral or written form), graphically, gesturally or symbolically.

Finally, he met the singer Thomas Anders and founded the band Modern Talking, which achieved success through all the world.

But Anders' wife, Nora Balling, interfered more and more in the band's subjects, provoking the band's split.