Django syncdb not updating

I have searched other questions and they are slightly different scenarios.I read in the docs that you can add new models using syncdb, but you will either have to drop the existing tables or use South to migrate the data to alter an existing table.Yeah, it doesn't have anything to do with the way you host your product.

Could someone explain why I am getting this error, and should I just use South and avoid this situation?I could explicitly list them, but is there a way for syncdb to figure this out for me ?I have been working on developing the models for a Django app. That's the point of such technologies - to help you modify the structure of your database after it's been created & populated with data.I'm not sure if this is an issue specific to sqlite databases but after adding some properties I executed syncdb successfully but still the the columns were not added to the database and when I try the access the model in admin I get First, the app (module) is listed in, not the models (and this is how it is supposed to be donbe). It's fully because if I add a new model it works.