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When relocating to another country, indeed, whether it's Ecuador or France, it's fundamental to consider how flexible and open your views are.So, ask yourself: are you amazed by the Ecuadorian culture? Do you think you could stand the local lifestyle or are you going to look for your personal America in the South of it?The samples include very well researched descriptions of the history and customs of the ancient local inhabitants, thus providing a broad perspective of the cultural worldview of those companies. Here the remains of ancient Valdivia culture are located. La Tolita – This site is located at the mouth of Santiago River, near the town of San Lorenzo, in the province of Esmeraldas.Valdivia museum contains some of the artefacts found in the region, including human remains, fertility female figurines made ​​of clay and several boats. The site itself is an island that can only be reached on a motor launch from San Lorenzo. The island was a ceremonial center belonging to the Tolita culture, dated between 600 BC and 400 AC.

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The historical legacy left by our ancestors Indigenous mestizos and spaniards is reflected in its museums each with its originality make Ecuador a country rich in culture.After all, who doesn't dream of yearlong perfect weather that would only be the background of incredible genuine friendliness, exotic and tasty food, deep culture and uncontaminated nature?Surely, Cuenca represents a heartwarming destination with plenty of hidden treasures to discover, however, if by any chance you're thinking about making more than just a trip out of this city and if you're thinking about building a new life there, like many did before you, you might want to consider a few peculiar aspects that aren't often discussed.First of All, Ask Yourself: Why Do You Want to Move to Ecuador?If your plan is to develop a way of life that is radically different from the one you have in your hometown in the United States and if you're willing to adjust to the many changes you're inevitably going to face once you move away, then jumping into a new fresh reality and make the best out of Cuenca won't be hard for you.

Ecuador dating culture