Hafnium tungsten dating

"We found geochemical signatures that must have been created nearly 4.5 billion years ago," said Andrea Mundl, a postdoctoral researcher in geology at UMD and the lead author of the study.

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Given the trove of lunar samples in hand and the power of modern laboratory analyses, you'd think that by now geochemists should have completely nailed exactly how the Moon formed.Jackson hoped the samples he collected would carry a chemical message from the reservoir and prove that it formed during the planet’s infancy — a period that until recently was inaccessible to science.New studies offer contrasting scenarios for making the Moon.“Their whole lives they’ve lived in these beautiful fjords,” he said. “It blows my mind even more that they never realized it!“They look up to these black, layered rocks, and I tell them that each one of those is a different volcanic eruption with a lava flow. ” The olivine erupted to Earth’s surface in those very lava flows between 10 and 17 million years ago.