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It seems like Ayumi-ssi has some feelings for me too. that is…” (Hankyung reaches his hand out to tick on Heechul’s arm)Heechul to Hankyung: Stand still. (LOL Heechul laughed shockingly with his big eyes)Kang Ho Dong:”I’ll let you guys exchange eye contact first.” (Heechul stared at Ayumi with his big eyes and turned from conceited to cute)Kang Ho Dong:”Ayumi, do you like Heechul? )This was Hankyung’s first time participating on a Korean show.(LOL XD)Heechul to Ayumi:”You may think that I have no manners. I have the looks, the brains and the knowledge, so of course I won’t have a good temper. ” (Ayumi lifted her hands up and Heechul backs off because he thought she was going to slap him)Ayumi:”Wait a bit.”Hankyung’s proposal to Ayumi (sits with lots of confidence). Being his usual self, Heechul was goofing around like always. Always Keep the Faith and Promise to Believe still and will always be quoted Thank you for showing us what REAL FRIENDSHIP is!! We, Cassies and ELFs, are so happy to see you guys together. We tried to arrange these under categories but randomly, so what you are reading may be from a memory when he was still very young or a few years back or in the present or for the future. Goes to the people who also worked really hard to translate Heechul’s news, cyworld entries, kiseki messages and some random stuff and those who upload videos related to the Space Big Star: Kim Heechul.Compilation of #heechulfacts: NOTE: This is a compilation. I like Heechul even more.’ You wouldn’t hear the dedication. Someone who will stand behind you quietly, making efforts to care for someone.

Super Junior made their official debut on November 6, 2005, under SM Entertainment. – He is Super Junior’s sub-unit’s Super Junior-T and Super Junior-Happy – He always sleeps before their performance. He was officially discharged from the military on July 29 2014.In December 2016, he confessed, he was preparing to debut as Trax main vocalist.He also revealed that he had frequent clashes and misunderstandings with the person in charge at SM at that time. Sungmin confirmed that he was dating musical actress, Kim Sa Eun, on September 24. This was taken last winter 2005 for the joint single of DBSK (TVXQ) and Super Junior, “Show Me Your Love”. 😍😭Now…After 10 years…DBSJ Bond is still VERY STRONG…Some evidences are shown from 2014 until the present when…! No one (especially SMent) can stop them from seeing each other.