How to find the back door camschat

I run Winxp Home on this puter and win xp pro on the other networked puter.Now, Im not going to say that I try and download sub7 and backorifice but i do look at and download some things from the net which if i met the person who put these things on the net in real life i would not trust em any farther then i can throw them...Hackers often look for exploits with the least resistance, and in many cases that's the unknowing user. It comes packaged inside what appears to be a legitimate file converter application, called Easy Doc Converter. Once installed, it runs a malicious script which installs a Tor hidden service, allowing attackers to remotely access and control the infected machine.This script sets up a web service which gives attackers the ability to manipulate files, execute commands and scripts, access a list of running processes and applications and send emails with attachments.My question is, how do you troubleshoot your box to make SURE you are not brodcasting anything out of it you don't want to.I use zone alarm for my fire wall, AVG antivirus, and NFR Back Officer which rarely ever does anything but smile at me.Inspecting the Exterior Searching the Interior Taking Further Steps Community Q&A Tracking devices remind most people of criminal investigators, but a suspicious partner or ex is the more likely culprit.

Once you find your way out of the room, you've still got to find your way out of the house, and doing so requires solving a nice chunk of logical puzzles.You can still find most smaller devices, but it will take a thorough search. after all, why else would you suddenly find yourself falling through nothingness?Seeing as the malware has only been found packaged in the Easy Doc Converter application, you have to download the application, install it and run it for your machine to have been affected.Macs have an extra security step called Gatekeeper, which is located in System Preferences under Security & Privacy.