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It was a one night fling and Rob had brought her home that evening. That explains the sports magazine and DVD's in your living room. "What's this guys name you been seeing, or should I say working for? "His name is John." It dawned on Rob when he saw Sherry rubbing her eyes that she wasn't wearing her wedding rings. Sherry loved wearing garter belts for him when they went out. Rob closed the drawer and turned around and spotted a pair of men's slippers next to the dresser. Rob sat watching television and kept watching his watch. Sherry was just snapping her bra and he could see her large breasts reflecting in the mirror.

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She was wearing her favorite colors, green and black. " Sherry had tears in her eyes as she replied by shaking her head. Rob wondered into Sherry's bedroom and peeked inside the closet. Rob began wondering about this guy Sherry was seeing. The shoes made Rob even more curious about this guy and took another peek inside the closet again. Rob put it back on the hanger and checked out the pants which were a forty-two-inch waist size. His heart sank when he spotted a packet of birth control pills on the shelf. There was an extra tooth brush and men's deodorant on a shelf in the bathroom. "OK." Rob had a lot on his mind but he kept it all inside.

She was smiling at the camera as Rob remembered how they made wild passionate love soon after that photo was taken. It was the last time they had sex before Sherry packed her bags and moved out west with her mother. He's my boss and we've been working together for almost a year now. I didn't expect you to come here with this type of attitude. You know how much I love you and I didn't expect to come here and find out your dating someone." Sherry gave him a long deep stare. Rob was curious to know about this guy Sherry was seeing. She had all her dresses lined up neatly and her heels were lined up along the floor. Rob looked on the opposite end this time and noticed a few shirts and pants hanging in the corner. He just walked back out into the kitchen and drank more coffee. Rob decided he would say anything about the items he found in her bedroom, nor about the birth control pills. He didn't want to push Sherry away from him so he just followed the flow that afternoon as they sat and talked about her family.