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Users, computers, and groups stored in Active Directory are collectively known as security principals.From the bug reports, it seems to make a difference...

去slave从库上查看运行状态,果然Seconds_Behind_Master: 28810,而且提示Slave_SQL_Running_State: System lock而且这个是变化的,有的时候提示Slave_SQL_Running_State: invalidating query cache entries (table),而且Seconds_Behind_Master: 29086 不停的增长着: show slave status\G*************************** 1.

While sometime this works, others don’t; the query cache is “disabled” and you still see the SQL thread in state “invalidating query cache entries (table)”.

That is related to a known bug, fixed in My SQL 5.5 :

The query mutex becomes a very hot spot especially if you are using RBR.

In fact, with RBR there is a binlog event for each modified row, thus the mutex is acquired for every row.