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How it works: A seven-day free trial will let parents track their children's social media activities, like what they're posting on Facebook or Instagram.The service also gives parents access to their child's web browsing and search history, phone calls, texts, and messages sent through Whats App and Kik Messenger.The philosophy behind this unconventional landing place is that chats all begin with the conversation, and in Snapchat, images do the talking.That makes even more sense when you think of how the app treats its photos and videos ephemerally.With statistics like that it's evident that someone's teen is doing it.Unfortunately, sexting isn't going away anytime soon.

“Apps are tools, so usually, they’re not bad in and of themselves (of course, there are exceptions), but they can be used to do a lot of harm,” says Melissa Maypole, head of corporate social responsibility at Qustodio, a parental control software developer.With more and more teens having internet capability, the chances of them sexting also increase.According to a recent study, teens are moving away from traditional social networks toward more anonymous messaging apps like Snapchat, Whats App, and yes—Omegle, and while some speculate that this trend is a reflection of adolescents’ legitimate privacy concerns, others wonder just what kids are up to that they feel the need to keep so secret.Here’s a review of apps that parents should be on the look out for and discuss with their kids.Whisper (free): Whisper is a free app that encourages users to share secrets and post pictures anonymously.