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When Hall was interviewed about the young woman in Target, he admitted to taking the video and said “he did not think it was any big deal.” The presentence investigative document reveals he stated, “he did not think it was illegal to take the video and felt he was not hurting anyone.”The tipping point arrived on Oct.

So he watched Hall as he followed a young woman, unbeknownst to her, around the store. She was looking at an item, and that’s when Hall crouched down at the opposite display and looked at some merchandise on the lower merchandise shelf.Then in June, he reportedly followed her into a coffee shop, and threw a glass vase at a woman who attempted to intervene.It’s further alleged Allen trashed the establishment before being stopped by other patrons.TMZ says he’s since been charged with battery and vandalism misdemeanors, in addition to felony assault with a deadly weapon, and two felony counts of willful injury to his girlfriend.If convicted of all the charges, he could be behind bars for more than 10 years.