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Augustin was born in October 2006 – more than eight months after Francois-Henri separated from Linda, and around the time he started dating Salma. It was only in July of this year that Francois-Henri was revealed to be Augustin's father.

In numerous interviews, Linda had described the man who fathered her son as a "New York architect".

1993 - 1999Kyle Mac Lachlan started dating supermodel Linda Evangelista in 1993, when they met on a fashion shoot.

They were said to be engaged five years later, but they finally called it quits in 1999.

This was 1990—when rules weren't exactly often broken—and everyone was curious as to why Linda had gone "champagne blonde" and would be opening the show with her new do. With every step, look, or outfit, she had everyone's attention. The ultimate model.) Did I mention she could deliver a look that really killed?

Just watch her in the classic film , the 1995 documentary that follows Isaac Mizrahi and the making of his 1994 fall collection and fashion show (where the image above is from).

He has refuted her lawyer's claims that he has been paying "zero" towards raising four-year-old Augustin.

Speaking to the French edition of He said he has "recognised" Augustin since 2007 and that "at every possible opportunity he has participated in my family life, whether in France or the United States." "He is totally integrated within my family," he said, adding that Valentina, his three-year-old daughter with wife Salma, treats him like a brother.

She's been called the chameleon and the supermodel's model.

And while she's absolutely both those things, to me she most embodies her given name, Linda.