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an important part of me being here doing what I dreamed about for the longest and you know that… you know how we get when its all personal and emotional and so very separate… all my luv…at the end of the day, its all luv and music… After frequenting spoken word/poetry spots in Atlanta such as Yin Yang Poets' Cafe (to positive reviews), they moved on to Philadelphia.There they met Darren "Limitless" Henson and Keith "Keshon" Pelzer of DJ Jazzy Jeff's Touch Of Jazz studio and began recording.

I’ve put blood sweat and tears into Floetry, when people see me out anywhere, I’m the chick from Floetry, its my aka, my ID… guess if I’d a grown up sooner, things woulda been different but I can’t live like that, I just gotta LIVE…

She was a founding member of the performance poetry group 3 Plus 1, which was critically well received in London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

Marsha Ambrosius (born 8 August 1977) is an English singer-songwriter from Liverpool, England.

Blige’s waning stead with melty, emotional vocals on tracks by all the rappers, like The Game, Common, Freeway and Nas.

Though she didn’t musically break like Blige, Ambrosius is canonical to rap&b. Ambrosius has always been dependable, with an unruffled, keenly London style: her pitch perfect warble and cool demeanor eliminated a rapper’s need to clear soul samples, and her esoteric, personable approach to songwriting – with an emphasis on elegant, Quiet Storm sensuality – made her work distinct.