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I didnt quite understand why they had memebers of the Temptations Review besides Dennis on. They learned something new about their favorite.... His wife must have said something slick about Diana and Diana wasn't havin' it. That's why his wife said she really didn't want to think about it. No, it just adds to the list the number of married men that the single Diane Ross was fooling around with and that there are people out there that remember it. It is totally within Ross' character.................. That's why she got her ass beat numerous times in Detroit. They didn't even mention "It's So Hard For Me To Say Goodbye", his best solo release imo.

I understood why they included David Sea (from the Temptations Review) because he performed and spent a great deal of time with Eddie during the latter part of his career. This was another episode where I feel they left out more than they told. Shelley Berger and Otis Williams certainly have a way of remembering events in a way that suits their own personal interests.

I wanted to open this thread because to me this city is just interested in having "fashon & shopping design" kind of tourism, while there could also another kind of tourism, less "consumerist" and more interested in artsy things Some more churchey coming right up!

San Sebastiano, a civil temple built by architect Pellegrino Tibaldi And a 360 visit!

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Trinit di Saccargia (Codrongianos); Alghero Cathedral (Alghero); Iglesia di San Francesco (Alghero) Sicily Martorana (Palermo); Palatine Chapel (Palermo); Casa Professa/Chiesa del Ges (Palermo); Monreale Cathedral (Monreale); Santa Maria della Catena (Palermo); Santa Caterina (Palermo) I hope you'll enjoy this thread The Basilica of Our Lady's in Trastevere (Italian: Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere) is a titular minor basilica, one of the oldest churches in Rome, perhaps the first in which mass was openly celebrated. q=live-text-chat-with-hot-girls-without-no-sign-up] live text chat with hot girls without no sign up [/url] [url= q=rencontre-corse-sans-inscription] rencontre corse sans inscription [/url] [url= Is it true that Clive Davis promised Eddie that he would make him a star at Arista? I bought both of Eddie's Arista albums, was quite disappointed. Did they say if he named his youngest son after Paul Williams?Nothing that could compare to his Motown recordings. I certainly hope that the executor of his estate authorized this, or else it's a violation of HIPPAA... This was one episode where they really needed more time.