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From frisky youngsters to late bloomers, we have the definitive list on celebrity virginity.

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Derek Mc Lane’s clever set (subtly lighted by Ben Stanton) defines the bibulous theme with rows of empty bottles packed into cubbyholes lining the stage walls.

An additional, free-standing wall of these crates sits on a turntable that revolves to accommodate a variety of scenes, starting with the Los Angeles barroom setting where the four principals first meet.

(“I would rather drink alcohol than do just about anything there is to do on the face of the planet.”) Jeffrey (Quincy Dunn-Baker) is Jack’s sweet but dim best friend.

(“My name is Jeffrey and I work in construction.”) Stephanie (Jennifer Morrison) is the gorgeous blonde. I am a high-end escort.”) And Stevie (Sue Jean Kim, Best in Show) is the heroine’s kooky best friend and a neurotic wreck.

That's a hefty return of .85 million if the 47-year-old actor gets his full asking price.

The stunning 3,821 square feet residence, which overlooks the famous Sunset Strip, features floor-to-ceiling windows that give expansive views of the Pacific Ocean and bright city lights.

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Jack (a haggard looking Perry) is the suffering hero.

(“I always get dramatic when I’m out of Zoloft.”) Lindsay Posner’s direction doesn’t give the actors any way to rise above their stereotypes.

Jessica Simpson, Matthew Morrison, Adriana Lima, Johnny Depp, and other celebs confess.

Matthew is best known for playing Chandler in hit sitcom Friends from 1994 to 2004. A.'s Sierra Towers, the Outpost Estates neighborhood and and Malibu’s gated Serra Retreat, per the Times.

However, the star has been spending far less time on the West Coast since his debut as a playwright.

Matthew morrison who is he dating