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Author Suzanna Mathews explores the term cougar as a cultural phenomenon and considers what draws cougars and cubs together.

She also provides advice for managing the unique challenges of an intergenerational relationship.

Most of all, Mathews tells middle-aged women how to be honest with themselves and feel empowered to pursue whatever relationship they choose, regardless of age difference, and armed for the cultural critique that often accompanies any nontraditional relationship.

This practical guide seeks to assist women involved with or interested in relationships with younger men, presenting methods for dealing with both external and internal obstacles.

After two weeks of this obsession, he met with Columbia Records chairman Clive Davis to ask for permission to license Simon & Garfunkel music for his film.

Davis viewed it as a perfect fit and envisioned a best-selling soundtrack album.

Unlike characters from some TV show or a movie, though, I don't have the benefit of living in a neighborhood where foxy females in their 40s parade around the village in slutty tank tops.

The so-called cougars in my neighborhood are soccer moms and/or working 9-5 office jobs.

We have entered the era of equal opportunity for women in the dating and relationship world, where a mature lady becomes sexually and or emotionally involved with a much younger man.As a result, the researchers contend: , Benjamin, Mrs. The research group, which was led by Judith Easton and included David Buss, conducted an online survey with 827 women split into three groups: pre-reproduction expediting (18-26), reproduction expediting (27-45), and menopausal (46-up).The women were asked a battery of questions about their sexual thoughts, frequency, and willingness. Women in the throes of "reproduction expediting": , Mrs. These data ring true with current analytics from the online dating world.Walking around the neighborhood shirtless isn't going to get me MILFs. I just logged in to get ass which is what I thought I'd be getting.That only happens in sitcoms and suspense/thrillers. I may have set my expectations too high and I'll tell you why.