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With DA PUMP’S ISSA (rumored to be Shibasaki Kou’s ex, small world) .

Having visited the Tokyo International FIlm Festival the last few years have allowed me to see SP in action up close since they provide close protection for the Japanese Prime Minister, being the VIP of the opening ceremony, and lo and behold, the opening of SP The Motion Picture brought back some memories of the time spent in Tokyo with a large set action piece.

Read More This week’s performers were Bakarhythm, Hata Motohiro, Suzuki Masayuki, Flower, and GARNi DELi A.

Bakarhythm to (Bakarhythm & Hata Motohiro) – “Ikura da to Omou? Read More After spending the last two years without a new release, TAKAHIRO is returning to his solo music career with his new single”Eternal Love” to be released October 4th, 2017.

Even after a decade in a city that sees parties disappear almost daily, Rebel Night is still going strong. We’re bringing all the bands we want to see ourselves.” The festival lineup ranges from old-school originators like Johnny Farina, who released the instantly recognizable steel pedal instrumental “Sleep Walk” in 1959, to younger practitioners like NYC natives the Bothers.

“We’re the only thing that pops up when you Google ‘rockabilly New York City,’ ” says Bickert, the group’s sole American member. You don’t have to be wearing vintage or know the dances.” To commemorate their staying power, they’re hosting a full weekend of live music in Brooklyn from July 17 to 19, highlighting the best in local talent and flying bands in from across the country and DJs in from Europe. — are the key to their endurance, the shows are what keep the scene fresh. That four-piece bridges the gap between classic rockabilly and psychobilly, a sped-up, punk-tinged offshoot genre; thanks to the blend, their sets are raucous enough to appeal to contemporary audiences without losing sight of their roots.

Sato and his collaborators had moved there after six months at the now-defunct Blu Lounge in Brooklyn.

But, true or not, rumors are so much fun to read AND laugh at. These things should, and cannot be taken seriously. But it’s not certain if the guy in question really IS Ryo. I was really rooting for Pi-Abi tandem and even waved pom-poms for Abi. If you’re in need of a nurse for your ailing heart or a one night only no-strings-attached rebound, we’re here for you.

They quickly discovered their shared obsession, and, unable to find a rockabilly party where they could dance the Japanese style of the twist, started their own.

” tte Kikareru to Kincho Suru Suzuki Masayuki – Lovely Flower – Taiyou no Elegy GARNi DELi A – Désir Read More On September 18, Music Station will air the third edition of its now annual special, MUSIC STATION ULTRA FES. This is his first time working with music producer Seiji Kameda, who is known for his past work with artists such as Ringo Sheena and Ken Hirai.

The show was first aired in 2015 to celebrate Music Station’s 30th anniversary. This set of 20 acts is heavily Johnny’s, featuring the likes of Arashi, Hey! “Eternal Love” is described as a “love ballad born out of a mutual understanding between the two”; with a beautiful melody and a rich, pure feeling. Children is back again this week, facing off against two newcomers.

Then there's the presence of power character actors with the likes of Teruyuki Kagawa and Shinichi Tsutsumi.

This week, Hoshino Gen topped the Oricon single chart with his new single “Family Song”, selling 191,811 copies in its first week.