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BOARDINGCanoga Pet Resort offers overnight boarding care for dogs of any size.Our facility was originally built as a veterinary hospital and dog resort.At a later date, when Putin introduced Bush to Koni, his black labrador, Putin is reported to have remarked that Koni is "(b)igger, tougher, stronger, faster, meaner, than Barney." Barney had bitten Boston Celtics public relations director Heather Walker on the wrist on September 19, 2008 breaking the skin and drawing blood, but the incident was not reported until after the November 6 elections.Laura Bush's spokesperson joked afterwards that "I think it was his way of saying he was done with the paparazzi." Laura and I are sad to announce that our Scottish Terrier, Barney, has passed away.It has a long history of caring for dogs in the San Fernando Valley.Over the years the building has been upgraded and modernized, but always for the purpose of better care for dogs. Foldable Bowl Don't end up with a parched pooch and nothing for it to drink from.

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The AKA-DM1 dog mount fits medium to large dogs and is the perfect way to get point-of-view shots of your pooch's pastimes.5.Rollins, from North Carolina, reportedly adopted the pet called Cam as a service dog to help with her PTSD after serving in South Korea.Handout photo issued by the Orangutan Foundation of Aan, a critically-endangered orangutan who was blinded after being shot more than 100 times with an air rifle.Eyenimal Pet Camera Brace yourself for a pet's-eye view of the world with this tiny 4GB camera that weighs just 35g and can fit on most pet collars.Expect to see anything from close-ups of dead birds, scary alley cats and potentially an inside look at all your neighbours' houses.4.