Physical boundaries for christian dating couples you dating commitment phobe

Recently I got involved with a girl that I really liked for a long time.Unfortunately, things are moving a little faster than I would like and it’s largely my fault.

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Physical touch is lawful for me, but not all physical touch is helpful.I thought our Dad’s would make the decision for us, but that’s not what happened. While I’m confident the motives are right, many people have developed the idea that if a couple has any physical touch in courtship they are giving in to fleshly desires, and sinning. When that couple gets married, touch no longer fills the void and something else becomes the obsession, maybe even leaving touch out altogether.Not all dating couples use physical touch to fill an unhealthy need in their relationship.I had experienced heartbreak before, and I certainly didn’t want to experience that again.I didn’t want my heart to get ahead of reality, so I held back for quite a while.

Physical boundaries for christian dating couples