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They discussed how the group formed, how the EP came together and their upcoming tour with R5."Now that the show is over, we definitely couldn't stand the thought of not being in each other's lives at this point.

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He began competing on the show in the fall of 2007.

Alexander Jean, otherwise known as Mark Ballas and his wife, BC Jean, stopped by the studios of KCAL9 to discuss their upcoming EP release titled Head High.At the age of 11, he earned a full-time slot at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London, as well as earning a full scholarship.He then moved on to win championships at The British Open to the World, The US Open to the World, and The International Open to the World.The actress was a participant in the fifth installment of “Dancing with the Stars” with choreographer Mark Ballas as her partner.The duo supposedly had a very evident hot chemistry on stage which created rumors of them dating and being engaged off screen.

Sabrina bryan mark ballas still dating 2016