Sex free america

Or that crazy rock and roll music and the invention of the magical, and at the time, radical birth control pill?

As conservatives freaked and religious dogmas fell to the back burner, the “new” sexuality started to give way to a cultural norm that said, “Hey, sex feels good, and it's OK to talk about it.” Let's take a look at the changes in the past 50 years.

Last week was interrupted by a massive amount of outrage over something that seemingly shouldn’t have caused any kind of “rage” at all. In fact, once you include state courts that have granted RFRA-type protections, the majority of the U. We’ve seen similar outrage in similar recent cases.

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Clearly, religious freedom is something that almost nobody had any problem with—until right now.

And, of course, there’s that whole First Amendment thing back in 1791, which is why they’re called “restoration” acts, giving back rights that had long existed previously.

With the sexual revolution that took place in the '60s acting as a doorway to liberation, sex culture has continued to evolve and transform to this day.

Remember all those sex parties and women running around naked?