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'At first I didn't feel anything when I heard the judgment.I was just numb,' she says in her first interview since the ruling.

I have been able to meet many people through the networking opportunities I was given at Compass Loft, and even got to go on a business trip to meet overseas partners. Two people are in the process of getting together and having a date.The more they try to keep it on the down-low, the more likely it is that everybody they know is spying on 'em...'All my life I was called a troublemaker and a liar, even when I was asking for help.I got so used to being disbelieved that I didn't expect it to be different.'So it was a unique feeling to know that the judge believed me – that Freddie Starr groped and humiliated me when I was just 15 years old.' She is now considering legal action against the entertainer, who may also face action from the Crown Prosecution Service.