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Forget the busy life on weekdays and join a Saturday weekend of fun and exciting activities!

We are the first and only company to offer a dynamic and interactive data centre of all kinds of events in the country – past, current, and upcoming ones. As a new online media hub, we provide a FREE online platform where people can post, find and share relevant and up-to-date information about events (concerts, seminars, festivals, conventions, and many more) happening all over the country.

Red roses and chocolates will once again proliferate malls and cut-out heart shapes will be seen everywhere.

Other Events Sat, Perfect events, an events company founded by a group of young Chinese alumni from De La Salle University which has already staged several concerts, parties and movie screenings will host another upcoming event in time for all the Singles to meet their match before Valentines Day.

This April, be ready for a huge arts and crafts activity entitled Art Exchange!

This highly anticipated event aims to gather artists, crafters, and enthusiasts to join the capsule workshops and free demonstrations.