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We started talking, then left the coffee shop and talked until 4 am.

It turned out he travels to Chicago (where I live) from a town about 4 hours away, every 2-3 weeks for work.

Amid the parties and fun of Super Bowl 2013, authorities say, there is a dark underworld of girls and women being forced into the sex trade.

Sitting in the festive lobby of a New Orleans hotel, festooned with San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens decorations, Clemmie Greenlee, a former victim of sex trafficking from Nashville, recalled being brought to cities around the South to prostitute for those attending such large-scale events.

The ex-O2L singer posted a video to his You Tube account with the title "I Got Engaged!

I had to get her before someone else could, because she is my better half." and his now fiancée joined him to share the good news with his viewers.

The 100-meter race is long, and the winner is the one who crosses the finish line first.

Hardest workout you’ve ever done: We run sessions like 6–8 x 300m in the winter to build endurance.

When he came back to Chicago, he was totally different.Here I am sitting in the doctor's office, waiting for a blood test.Abducted Bride, The by: Pixnix Anonymous Author - The smooth trim Marseille Express burrowed its way swiftly through the clear night of the French countryside.He wasn’t caring or affectionate, he seemed unhappy.He said I was very special to him, but that things were very stressful for him right now and that he couldn’t handle a relationship.