The psychology of dating older men

Some girls become women who still appreciate older men because of that. So many ladies ask me what is up with older men dating younger women.The "successful older man" seeking "young attractive female" is common place.

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From an 3rd party perspective, psychologically, what do you think are the reasons why I find him attractive if I do not need a father figure? and when I met him I was having problems also with my father. I have also just been out of a 4 year old relationship... Forget all the father figure stuff that people might attribute to your attraction to an older male.The young man will also be very physically attractive and attracted to the older woman! Are these relationships all about sex or is there more to them?I have interviewed tons of men on this matter, and they said the best moments of their lives were when they were with an older woman! Well if you think about it, the physical attraction is what starts it off.This is an ongoing discussion that begs the question; what are the reasons older men date younger women and the psychological consequences of this kind of union?Psychological Reasons The talk on the streets is that older men who date younger women often do so because they want to reclaim their youth and often the older man sees the younger woman as an investment.