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Kurt was described as being a happy and excitable, while sensitive and caring child.

His talent as an artist was evident from an early age.

Cobain began developing an interest in music early in his life.

According to his Aunt Mari, he began singing at two years old.

Cobain’s story is another of mental illness, self medication, and addiction. Kurt Cobain was born in Aberdeen, Washington, to a waitress and an automotive mechanic.

He was known to always be creative, and had a family history of musicians and artists.

Nonetheless, there are theories which take the lyrics, "if you told me you were drowning/ I would not lend a hand", to be about a person drowning in front of Collins, with the singer refusing to save him.

, titled “Riot on the Page: Thirty Years of Zines by Women.” Made by a wide variety of artists beginning in the 1970s, zines—short for magazines—are low-budget, mass-produced publications. Photocopy; cover by Hanna; c) Molly Neuman, Allison Wolfe.

Courtney Love Courtney Love sold one of her late husband Kurt Cobain's albums for 5,000 (£84,000) just to spite a London auction house boss who estimated ,000 (£60,000) for his whole collection.

Go Team, but I didn't give him the one with Kurt's writing all over it".

A combination of lyrics about “hell”, “the beast” and “keenly knives”, as well as Judgement Day scenario artwork on the song’s sleeve (supposedly picturing Church of Satan founder Anton La Vey overlooking the scene from a shadowed balcony) made Christian Activists believe Hotel California was trying to convert listeners to satanism.

His bedroom was described as having taken on the appearance of an art studio, where he would accurately draw his favorite characters from films and cartoons such as Aquaman, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Disney characters.

This enthusiasm was encouraged by his grandmother Iris Cobain, who was a professional artist herself.