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It claimed that during World War 2 the US Navy had experimented with invisibility and teleportation in a botched test on a destroyer, the USS Eldridge.Ape-Man Army: Examines the work of Russian scientist Ilya Ivanov who tried to create a human-ape hybrid.

I Have Einstein's Brain: When Albert Einstein dies in 1955, the pathologist tasked with the autopsy steals his brain. Thomas Harvey promises he will unravel the mystery of where genius lies within its physical structure. Although I appreciate you accepting my answer, It is often good to wait a while before accepting an answer. Look at how cheaply you can get graveyard hate in the form of Rest in Peace or Grafdigger's Cage , for example. Both queer and straight people who refuse to date trans people rely upon the argument that everyone is allowed to prefer certain sets of genitalia. ABC orders new 'Dating in the Dark' reality dating series". Skull Art Beautiful Artwork Mixed Media Art Art Is Dark Art Art Work Skulls Sculpture Macabre Forward.This show uses narration and reenactments to portray the stories in this show.The Philadelphia Experiment: In 1956 astronomer and UFOlogist Morris Jessup received an extraordinary letter.