Validating quicken file

Crossover (v.15.3.1) first installed it into an XP bottle which popped up an error saying it wasn't supported on that version of Windows. Alan Have installed the Australian version, known as Reckon Accounts 2017. Opens and runs somewhat roughly, screens don't seems to render quite correctly. This is probably the 10th time I've attempted the install, but the first with any kind of logging.

No processing or validation is done on values found in files or data structures to try and convert them into appropriate types and formats.

The software can be purchased directly from Intuit at for 4.99 (as of December 19, 2014), but can frequently be found for less at various retail outlets, including

Quicken 2015 Premier, like all Quicken products, maintains bank-level security.

It is expected that users of this module or extensions to this module will do any additional processing or validation as required.

The following record types are currently supported by this module: This is a list of accounts.