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Orange Sky Laundry is the world's first free mobile laundry for people experiencing homelessness.

Through a network of 11 laundry vans, 3 shower vans and 800 volunteers, Orange Sky has fostered over 1700 hours of positive and genuine conversation among everyday Australians.

If you happen to regularly watch the morning shows in Bulgaria, you’ve probably seen Alek Sander, a frequent guest on the country’s radio and TV shows.

Sometimes it’s good to be the big fish in a small pond, and Sandar has managed to parlay his hometown success into a burgeoning presence on the New York scene.

Growing up in a musical family, Sandar has a range of instrumental and vocal styles to draw from.

His music has pretty solid roots in the EDM-oriented club spaces of Berlin and eastern Europe—but it’s really about a pop sensibility for him, particularly now as he connects with newer, larger American audiences.

[04/26/06] *NEW* » Nu-Vybes among final nominations for "Caribbean Grammy" [03/29/06] » Hip Hop Meets the Caribbean at “ The Beginning” [03/22/06] » 2Ntrigue album launches Easter 2006! [01/24/06] » Dave Reid Will Shape Your Memories [01/19/06]» Juicy AKA Jahbami is Ready to get this Party Started!In the hour that it takes to wash and dry someone's clothes, the Orange Sky volunteers and friends might play board games, cricket or simply sit around and talk with each other.It's really about having those everyday conversations with everyday Australians - the laundry and showers are really only a small part of the Orange Sky service!So we thought we’d catch up with this Alek Sandar guy and see what he’s all about. It was always happening from when I was five or six. At the same time, I was on Bulgarian TV in a famous singing competition, when there were like only two channels on TV. Then we moved to Germany when I was seven or eight and started doing opera festivals—doing things usually a female opera singer would sing, a soprano.When I was six, my dad—who is an opera singer—brought a synthesizer from the West to Bulgaria. When I was a teenager, I continued being on stage but I couldn’t sing anymore because of my voice changing from puberty.