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In the new film “Furious 7” (2015), Brian O’Conner, the character played by Paul Walker, is driving in Los Angeles when his car is targeted by a drone entitled the “Predator”.Although O’Conner was not struck by the Predator’s missiles, his car was not so lucky, suffering a direct hit and exploding upon impact. The drone strike scenario depicted within “Furious 7” was a premediated attempt by Universal Pictures (at the behest of the CIA in Switzerland) to muddy the waters in respect to the fact that Walker really died from a Predator drone strike while driving in a suburb of Los Angeles on November 30, 2013. In other words, the Predator drone strike in “Furious 7” was not only an onscreen tribute to Walker’s brutal assassination, but a reverse psychology PSYOP (psychological operation) if there ever was one.I dare you to find someone who did not LOVE the last two Fast & Furious movies.I wasn't a huge fan of the franchise at first, but now it's something I absolutely look forward to (especially with the addition of The Rock and the return of Vin Diesel).

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In the aftermath of state-sponsored black operations such as assassinations and terror attacks, intelligence agencies routinely disseminate fraudulent dis-information through various media outlets such as CNN and TMZ in order spin stories and create confusion. By engaging in critical thinking and employing deductive logic, a more clear and concise picture of how Walker died and who is responsible will hopefully emerge. And then they crashed into a tree, that’s what eventually stopped the car”.

We can't know for certain when their interactions turned sexual, but the has a photo of them on vacation together in Prague in 2004, when Aubrianna would have been nineteen, so it's safe to assume it was before that point.

Fast & Furious star Paul Walker and girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell pictured in Hawaii in 2009.

He was a true star, and we are sure that everyone will be interested for some segments of his love life.

These touching images show Paul sharing a laugh with his youngest brother Cody (left) and groom Caleb Universal Pictures, whose movie, ‘Fast & Furious 7’ was being filmed at the time of Walker’s death, have announced that the two brothers will appear in the car racing flick, completing some action scenes the late actor never got to finish.