Who is shekinah jo anderson dating

I don’t know if the devil got into him or what happened, because at the end of the day I‘m not taking up for him. I wouldn’t be sitting around a person that’s just an awful person. I am a single person and we haven’t been in a relationship since Saturday. But, at the end of the day I’m just clearing the air.

It’s just like the countdown to it: you’re in the office, that you got dressed out in your clothes in order to have the surgery, they get your arm, they put the fluid in and have you countdown.

With just a few years of professional experience, Shekinah has already struck celebrity status and is a rising star in the Beauty & Entertainment Industry.

The Atlanta native realized her passion for styling, at the age of 12 when she spent most of her time braiding hair for friends and family.

I., her friendship with Tiny is still intact, as is her friendship with Floyd, whom she said “has always been nice and kind” to her.

, is a professional hair stylist and reality television personality.

It was at Empire that Shekinah learned to master advanced and contemporary techniques in cosmetology.

But when things were sour between Tiny and her husband, for some reason, he kept taking verbal jabs at Shekinah, claiming she was “a hater to education” and ‘joking’ about her intelligence. When he give out whatever kind of comments he give, I never respond. Shekinah recently posted a picture on her IG account of a Face Time conversation she had with Floyd Mayweather: But people who know the bad blood between Mayweather and T.

Oh I heard, because I blubber over the English language and I’m a hater to education? I have a cosmetology degree that’s updated and accurate. He’s my friend’s husband and he takes damn good care of her so I’m happy for that.”Well, she certainly has a problem with him now.

However, I feel like I owe it to y’all because I put it out there to explain my situation.

The second time he mushed me in my face before I went to A lot of women have been getting beat and don’t want to talk about it.