Who is tevin campbell dating now

"I just want you guys to know I think Fantasia did an incredible job. Introduction Nicole Threatt, who also goes by the name Nicole Young, is an American showbiz personality.The story was not only beautifully written, but its affect has also showed how much the hip-hop community is changing.Many people were in support of Ocean, seeing him for the artist that he is and not his sexual preference, and some saw it as a marketing ploy.While many people believe that he is openly gay, in an interview he claims that he could care less what people think of his sexuality.Well, at least he stands out now.“That’s nobody’s business.

When he is not performing around the world in front of thousands of fans and R&B enthusiasts, Patterson seems to live a low-profile life until the next music project rolls around.

She grew up in the entertainment business, being surrounded by famous personalities.

Not much is known about her childhood, or her life before she became famous.

Either way, he had a slew of celebs and fans behind him, and sold a great deal of albums in the process.

While Ocean may be the first R&B singer to openly talk about his preference (he never defined if he was gay or bisexual), in the past, some artists have waited to reveal their sexual preferences, had speculation surround them for their entire careers or had their sexuality used as a way to get attention.