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Let’s catch up on where each of our favorite Dunder Mifflin employees were at the series’ end, and then see what the actors who played them are up to now.At the end of the series, Stanley has retired and moved to a little house on the edge of the Everglades.consider John Krasinski — who’s married to one of its stars — your ally in indignity.The 2006 comedy, which stars Emily Blunt as the assistant to an Anna Wintour-type fashion editor, made an instant superfan out of Krasinski.He’s finally divorced from the wife he cheated on, and sits on his porch all day carving birds.Baker had the perfect qualifications for Fun fact: When Baker arrived at the callbacks for Stanley, he saw 50 other actors waiting and figured he could dodge out to another audition and still return in time.My wife, I've been a fan of hers long before we even knew each other.

For John Krasinski, respecting wife Emily Blunt's work is an extreme understatement.Nowadays, he feels free to relish his obsession in front of Blunt (whom he began dating in 2008) but he told “We had just started dating and she had come over to my house,” he recalled.“She popped by in between some things and I was watching it.When Michael comes to the Utica branch for a lecture, he sees that Karen is now pregnant and married.Karen asks Pam how Jim is doing and Pam tells her that she and Jim are engaged.