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And here's some of his classic moments: “This war effort could not have been achieved if the women had not marched forward in millions and undertaken all kinds of tasks and work for which any other generation but our own ...

would have considered them unfitted; work in the fields, heavy work in the foundries and in the shops, very refined work on radio and precision instruments, work in the hospitals, responsible clerical work of all kinds, work throughout the munitions factories, work in the mixed batteries ...

Winston Churchill grew up to believe that history consisted of the deeds of great men, whose actions determined the fate of nations.

His lifelong heroes were Marlborough and Napoleon, and highest ambition was to play, like them, an epic role on the international stage.

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Speaking at the Telegraph's Ways With Words festival, she said the recording was "probably not looked at until I stumbled across it" at the Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge, giving the first full account of the destruction.

If a graph were drawn tracing the rise and fall of the Third Reich, the downward curve would begin soon after Churchill’s assumption of power in Britain.

Frorn January, 1933 to June, 1940 Hitler enjoyed a spectacular run of success, disposing one by one of the obstacles to German expansion.

There are still competitions which honour them, including the Sir Winston Churchill Public Speaking Competition (held every year at Blenheim Palace) and the Churchill National Public Speaking Competition for Schools.

Many of the speeches resonate today, and historians and biographers continue to grapple with Churchill’s approach to speaking and use of language.